About Us

The Partners of Kingfisher Field and Stream are Meg and Jim Lowe. We share a passion for the countryside and particularly fishing, gundogs and at least one of us loves hats. What we offer is fly fishing, both casting instruction and guiding, the occasional gundog for sale and the supply of bespoke hats for every country occasion for both men and women.


Meg has made hats for many years but only since the beginning of 2011 on a professional basis. She has trained with some of the best in the business in the UK and France and has developed her own styles. She is also an accomplished salmon fisher tending to specialise in bigger fish than her usual fishing companion.


Jim has fished all his life and as perfect as it is to catch his own fish (he specialises in smaller ones than his wife, at least when he is fishing with her. He is, after all, a gentleman) he gets as much satisfaction in teaching others how to do it. He is a provisional member of AAPGAI (Salmon) When not on a river his time is taken up with the assortment of working dogs that  occupy our kennels.